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I can’t believe how well the Ideal You System worked! I had tons of energy, despite keeping my calories in check losing over 30 pounds. Dr. Stanley is a serious miracle worker!– Sue B.
Commerce, MI
I lost 33 pounds in 40 days on the Ideal You System. Every time I stepped on the scale was proof that Dr. Stanley’s weight loss system really works. Thank you Ideal You!– James O.
Farmington Hills, MI
I had tried all sorts of diets and workout routines in the past, and just couldn’t get any of them to stick. Dr. Stanley’s Ideal You System is the only health program I’ve been able to stick to, and I feel great!– Summer J.
Rochester, MI
I think what separates the Ideal You System from other weight loss programs is that it truly is made custom to the individual – no two programs are alike. Dr. Stanley’s approach allowed me to lose 44 pounds in just 40 days!– Gabby S.
Ferndale, MI

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